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Malcolm Holcombe passed away on 9th March 2024. He was the kindest of men and one of the best artists ever. He will be sorely missed by everyone treasuring integrity and love of music. Watch this show from 2011: Tales from the Tavern…. It shows Malcolm as he was and as he shall be remembered!


To all you wandering troubadours: I wish that I could hear your song tonight. Keep it on the road and play it right, play it right.

© David Olney – Stand Tall



 Friday, 31 May 2024
 RW Blues-Buro
Rottweil, G
 Saturday, 1 June 2024
 Country & Western Friends
Kötz, G
 Sunday, 2 June 2024
 Folk in Heaven
Pieterlen, CH

GRAYSON CAPPS & his Italian band

J.Santini on guitar, Sadie Morningstar on bass, Angelica Comandini on drums/percussion

 Monday, 7 October 2024 Kulturcentrum Bahnhof, Kuba Neuenkirchen-Vörden, Germany
 Tuesday 8 October 2024 Music Star Norderstedt, Germany
 Thursday, 10 October 2024 Wunderbar Weite Welt Eppstein, Germany
 Friday, 11 October 2024 Die Fünzel Worms, Germany
 Sunday, 13 October 2024 Holland Amerika Lijn festival, De Schalm Westwoud, the Netherlands
Tuesday, 15 October 2024 Q-bus Leiden, the Netherlands
Thursday, 17 October 2024 De Thiemeloods Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Friday, 18 October 2024 Theater de Wegwijzer Nieuw- en Sint Joosland, the Netherlands
Saturday, 19 October 2024 Ramblin’ Roots festival, Tivoli/Vredenburg Utrecht, the Netherlands
Sunday, 20 October 2024 Cobblestone Club Oldenzaal, the Netherlands